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Next Generation SOC Services, Secure Remote Access, Privileged Access Management & Cyber Awareness Training 

DT Networks is a Johannesburg based cyber security distributor that specializes in next-generation information security solutions for the African market.


DT Networks is the only distributor for FUDO Security, Agent X SOC services and Agent X Cyber Aware Training in SADAC and Africa. 

Agent X SOC Services

Agent X Cyber Security SOC is backed up by AT&T and the Alienvault Labs.

Agent X SOC Security Services provides multi-layer security services across your hybrid clouds. 

  • Asset Discovery 
  • SIEM and Log Management 
  • User Behavior 
  • Security and Compliance Reporting
  • Incident Response 
  • Endpoint Detection Response 
  • Vulnerability Assessment
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FUDO Security PAM 

Fudo PAM monitors users with access to critical assets, helps you manage the password policy and alert you in case of any suspicious behavior.

  • AI-Powered Bio-metrics
  • Real-time Privileged Misuse Prevention  
  • HTTP/RDP/VNC session Management 
  • Just-in-time Access Gateway
  • One Day Deployment 

FUDO Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access you can deploy in one day.

The simplest way for your remote users to have access to servers, applications, and systems.

  • Web Access Gateway
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Session Recording & Monitoring 
  • AI-Powered Prevention
  • Efficiency Analyzer

Agent X Cyber Awareness Training 

Agent X Cyber Security Awareness is a unified cyber security awareness training platform 

  • Simulated Phishing Attacks 
  • Engaging Monthly Training Videos
  • Cyber Security Kickstarter
  • Detailed Reporting 
  • Valuable Legal / Policy Templates
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